Now that the dust has settled
And coiling devils departed
From this devilled desert –
This cracked and cratered crust –

My screwed-up eyes discern details:

A distant outcrop against the dusk.

Like skimming stones my eyes leap along the horizon,
Mapping, measuring, treasuring and lapping up the sight;
Like skipping stones my eyes leap
In arcs across the rippled skin of this land.

Suddenly –

They stop and sink into the sky beyond …
Far into the darkness where familiar lights appear,
Locked in a pair among other planets, moons and stars:

One has a tincture of blue and the other, smaller, is its satellite.
They shine on one side, bright.
Water wells up, shimmering, in my eyes like pools.

Years away, lightly landed on this fractured surface,
I stand with a heart as heavy as dry black rock
And see Earth
Not as a divided atlas but as one deeply verdant sun-kissed place.


Rachel Ferriman

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